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Our kitchen is 100% wheat free and operated as
dedicated gluten free facility.

About GF Sweeties

Our Gluten Free Journey

Hi! My name is Sachiko. I am the founder and owner of GF Sweeties.

For the past 10 years, I have been making gluten free foods and desserts. We were told by my daughter’s doctor when she was 12 that she should not eat gluten products any more due to medical concerns. Before that, like most kids her age she basically had wheat products every day. As you can imagine, when her doctor told her to stop eating gluten filled foods, she was extremely devastated.

I had always loved cooking and baking, but I had never made any gluten free recipes. Soon after we started to change our lifestyle, I began trying many GF recipes.

At the beginning, I thought most of the recipes I tried were not very good. So, in order for this to work for my daughter and family I had to start making my own gluten free recipes. It took some time, but after years of experimentation and lots of feedback from friends and family, I developed gluten free treats that everyone really loves.

My recipes were originally made for my family to share meals together so everyone, GF eaters and normal eaters alike would be able to enjoy these gluten free treats. Now your whole family can enjoy these products too!

Our ingredients

Flours: Mixture of various non-gluten flours; such as brown and white rice, oat, tapioca, teff, potato, millet, sorghum, arrowroot and more.

Sweetener: organic cane and powdered sugar, brown sugar, organic raw honey and maple syrup.

Fat: butter, olive oil, and vegan butter (soy free).

Our kitchen is Peanut Free too!

Always No Preservatives, No MSG, No Artificial Flavors!
Also our treats are not too sweet (influenced by Japanese style).

Please enjoy our flavorful and unique gluten free treats!