japanese flavor gift box cookies

What? Are they Gluten Free?

Yes! Our baked treats are all GLUTEN FREE made in a kitchen which only produces gluten free products!

We are a small batch bakery in Southern New Jersey making uniquely flavored products using only premium ingredients, and they are not overly sweetened.

If you are looking for something other than ordinary sweets, try our delicious freshly baked treats!

Reviews from our customers

YUM!  But let’s start at the beginning…I placed my order for a boxed assortment of cookies, and that was super easy!  The box arrived within 2 days and, I am not usually wowed by packaging but I have to say WOW!  it was earthy and simple, beautiful, efficient, let’s say visually delicious.  The cookies….each one was flavorful, distinct, perfectly sized and so much more than I expected.  I could write a paragraph about each cookie but prefer to say about all of them, they had the perfect level of sweetness, not too sweet that it’s overpowering but sweet enough to satisfy the taste.  The unique and distinct flavors were discernable in each cookie, from the matcha to the sesame tahini to the Cocoa flavor.  The texture of all the cookies was balanced between crunch and chewy, not too much of either one.  I will definitely be ordering again for myself and for gifts, and would highly recommend GF Sweeties to everyone – these cookies are not a compromise whether you eat GF for  health reasons or just because, they will be enjoyed by all!

Leslie from Delray Beach, FL

I love these cookies.   If nobody told me, I would have not noticed those were actually “Gluten Free.” My favorite was the Matcha Green Tea Coin Cookies. In general, I love softer, more floury “Ice Box” type cookies,  more than thin ones.  But “sea creatures” and “black tea” were also great with milk tea.  Package looked very cute, simple and stylish. It was delivered from coast to coast, but none of the cookies were damaged.   
I am ordering the next one for my “Gluten Free” daughter’s birthday.  I know she is always looking for yummy “gluten free” treats.  
Keiko from Sacramento, CA

The lemon ginger ones are so bright and fresh and are the perfect little treat and the texture of all of them melt in your mouth.  The pizzelles are light and soft would be great with a cup of coffee or tea a nice little snack, not too sweet. Black Sesame is nutty and more hardy with a perfect crunch!  Matcha is super flavorful and a very unique cookie like you haven’t tasted before. The animal crackers and ginger cookies are bite size crunchy delicious treats. Very flavorful and so cute! I love them all!

Cassie from New York, NY